Attention:  Marketers, Founders, Entrepreneurs who want to create 250% more sales from the email subscribers you already have...

Finally, You'll Discover How to Turn Your Email List into a Reliable On-Demand Money Making Machine While You Sleep Without Having to Create Another Product Guaranteed!

Brilliant Behind-the-Scenes Marketing Superstar Katerina Kavouklis Reveals Her Email List Genius System to Skyrocket Your Email List Revenue on Autopilot 

If you sell eBooks, supplements, membership programs, high ticket coaching services, masterclasses, or docuseries and want to get a proven plan that helps you connect quickly with your readers, automate easily and SELL effortlessly month after month without pulling your hair out, then this is for you. 
Ready to Grow Your Email List and 10X Your Revenue?
EMAIL marketing drives $38 for every $1 spent. 
(Yes, you need's time to up your email marketing game.)


"Katerina is a behind-the-scenes superstar for some of the biggest health and wellness companies online. She's brilliant at list management and joint venture and affiliate marketing. Not to mention she's grown several businesses to multiple seven-figures with her expertise in back-end business automation."
- Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training, and author of The Perfect Day Formula
Get A Proven Step-by-Step Method 
of Email List Management That Works!
If you want to learn how to successfully manage your email list, create a strong bond with your readers, and convert more leads into buyers then the Email List Genius Program is for you. 

I've spent ALOT of time managing health and wellness email lists, building online businesses, and solving million dollar problems.   

So, let me ask you this...

...Do you want to keep on limping along, trying to cobble together some autoresponders,  or ignoring your list until you send them an offer, and then you're puzzled when (shocker) they don't purchase?  

Stop trying to go it alone, don't waste anymore time or money on creating emails that barely get opened.  If you invested $1 and got back $38 wouldn't you say that's a fair trade?  

Well I'll show you how to do exactly that and turn your email list into an "ON-DEMAND money making machine." 

My methods are different.  I'm not going to spend time waxing on about theories.  

I  know what works, I've been a player in the online health and wellness space for over a decade.  I'm a "jill-of-all-trades."  When I say I've done it all, I literally have...

...I've been elbow deep for the past 10 years building online businesses, developing offers, crafting lead gen campaigns that convert, building product after product, doing joint ventures, affiliate management, consulting on $10 million dollar launches, and running several multi-million dollar email lists, doubling email clickthrough rates, and tripling list conversions.

I've turned clients into millionaires, over and over again.

One of my very first clients was earning $13,000 a month from his email list, in less than 90 days I made him $100,000+ every single month from his email list.  

Want My System?

I don't want you to spend months trying to figure this stuff out.

You might as well take a match and light a stack of Ben Franklin's if you're going to do that.
Listen, I'm sure you're concerned... 

...Are these thoughts running through your mind: "

I'm not a good writer," 

"I don't have the time to understand all this marketing stuff," 

"How do I know I won't lose 50 people every time I email?"

I hear you and I felt the same when I was starting out. It was scary as hell pressing send on a sales email.

I feared that my list would riot.

That the ESP would shutdown my account.

Truth is, if they get angry they aren't your people. It's better to get them off your list ASAP.

...As far as your time goes well that's just not true is it?

How many times do you FIND time for the things YOU REALLY WANT TO DO?

The best use of your time is to acquire this skill and master email marketing.  It's not going to take you months and the time will pass anyway.  

Why not get one step closer to doing what you want and find out how to leverage your email list to make money for you while you sleep? 

Trust me you want to learn how to generate the BIGGEST ROI of ALL YOUR MARKETING CHANNELS...

You DON'T need MORE information.

You need guidance and direction.

I can show you how easily.

That's why I've created the Email List Genius Program to help you quickly implement and get the results you want FAST.

Is This For You?

  • Do you want to 10X your email list revenue WITHOUT having to create one more product?
  • Do you sell ebooks, memberships, supplements, masterclasses, high ticket coaching programs, or docuseries in the health and wellness, personal development, or business opportunity niches?
  • Does over 70% of your revenue come from online sales and do you want a predictable, automated way to easily earn more money from your subscribers and serve them better?
  • ​Would you like to DOUBLE your revenue WITHOUT having to find more customers?
If you answered YES to two or more of these questions then the Email List Genius Program is definitely for you!

Here It Is Lovely...
The Email List Genius Program

Email List Genius is made up of 7 modules that cover EVERY aspect of profitable email list management.  You're going to discover how to generate opens, clicks, and SALES out of thin air. 

You'll find out how how to attract and convert your subscribers into raving BUYERS.  

When done RIGHT there's no FASTER way to double your SALES without spending one more DOLLAR on ad spend than with email marketing.

What You'll Learn

MODULE 1: The Basics - Lights On

Let's take a look and see where you are right now.  It's evaluation time.  I'm guessing right now you're wearing ALL the hats and you need a road map to make ONE part of your business easier and more profitable? Right?
The good news...This is your shining North Star and I'm going to be your expert guide. You've taken the risk of starting your business and now you should get to enjoy the rewards.   

In this module we'll evaluate what you're currently doing and how it's been working out for you.  Now, I know it may seem a little it's going to be a little torturous.  But trust me it won't be.  Once you're done you're going to breathe a sigh of relief that we can now create and implement a 30 day jump start plan for your email list.

MODULE 2: Nuts & Bolts

Deliverability may seem like a dirty word but in the world of email marketing it's everything.  

This module is your foundation without it you've got nothing.  
We'll cover email deliverability best practices, how to monitor and calibrate your list health for maximum connection and profit.  Because none of your fabulous content will matter a whiff if you end up in SPAM or the Gmail tab “Promotions”.  

It can be very confusing, so we’ll break it down into the basics and how to set your list up for success.  We'll discuss how to track subscriber engagement, review negative metrics hurting your deliverabilty, and how to structure your content so it gets delivered.

MODULE 3: Email Storytelling, Crafting Copy that Converts

It's time to connect with your reader... But how?  Your readers' buy based on their emotions and there are only 4 BIG ones (that drive over 90% of sales) you need to focus on.  

Wouldn't it be great to be a fly on the wall and know exactly what your subscriber wants?   
In this module you'll discover how to get inside their heads (in a good way), so you can get them ONE step closer to solving their problem.  

Hint: It's why they signed up to your list.

We'll cover exactly how to connect with your reader, by crafting your ULTIMATE ROCK SOLID email nurture series in 17 specific emails.

You'll find out how to attract them with every email subject line and call-to-action.  

Learn how to effortlessly tell your stories in email and the 2 elements you always need for any successful email send.  Plus, the 5 types of email stories that you can use over and over again to keep them hooked and opening your emails.   

MODULE 4: Monetization & Planning Your Ultimate Promotional Calendar

This is ONE of the most important modules of the entire program.  You've got to know your NUMBERS and DOLLARS. 
If you want to automate your cash flow with list management I'll show you the specific things YOU must do every single month so all your new leads and buyers are converted into offers that are highly targeted for them while you sleep.

Believe it or not a lot of email promotional calendar planning gets done on the fly and results in thousands of dollars of loss revenue.  

You'll learn how to choose high converting relevant offers for your list.

We'll cover exactly how to make joint venture deals, email swaps, determine which types of deals work best for your list, how to negotiate them and even how to buy paid solo traffic to grow your list.  

You'll learn how to communicate with product owners, JV managers, affiliate managers, and other VIP's that hold the keys to helping you grow your list.

You'll get the inside scoop on how to plan both your internal and external calendars.  Why you always need to track both and how to make sure you're not missing a single detail when you fulfill a deal.

MODULE 5: Testing, Tracking Metrics, & Reporting Results

It's all about the numbers and reporting.  THIS IS A WHOPPER!  You'll find out the 4 types of testing you need to do and the ONE type of test you need to run every single day to increase conversions.
How to test all areas of your email and subject line hacks that can boost open rates by 11%!  

And of course your numbers, you need to know what numbers you need to focus on and the FOUR reports that will guarantee success so you know what to track and when to track it!   Plus, I'll give you MY exact tracking sheets to use!

MODULE 6: Segmentation

Being a nerd at heart, I love segmentation.  Did you know...that segmented lists average 10% higher open and click-thru rates?   In this module I'll show you the 10 ways you can segment your list.  
 But more importantly how to start off with just ONE powerful segmentation tool, so you can start sending highly targeted story-based emails with relevant promo offers to the right people on your list.  This is content your prospect IS going to be interested in.

MODULE 7: Re-Engagement

You've worked so hard to build your list, it would be a shame to let them wither and die on the vine.  Every year on average marketers lose 25% of their email list simply to attrition.  
In this module we'll cover when you should take someone off your list, how you can save subscribers and the one thing you must have in every email to keep them engaged and on your list.
That's me above speaking at my good friend Amber Spear's Dealmaking Live would have gotten $10,000 worth of consulting on list management for FREE, if you heard this talk.

Now, I'm going to give you ALL my secrets.

Plus we'll talk about back office organization, customer service, operational tactics to keep you focused on the money and not sidetracked by the little things that will kill your productivity and bottom line.

When you apply to the Email List Genius Program Today You Will Get

Since you are reading this letter during the early bird release you will save $2,000 off the enrollment cost.
What's more I will allow you to add on a trusted team member or business partner for just additional 50% of your program fee.

This flagship program is 6 weeks and runs from December 2nd - January 17th.

There will be no class during the week of Christmas (December 23rd). During the week of New Year's Eve (December 30th), class will only be held on Monday at 1pm CT / 2pm ET.

Because of the nature of this exclusive coaching program it's limited to just 15 spots per enrollment period.

This isn't for you if want to press an easy button. We don't do that here.

This also isn't for you if you don't enjoy a live group coaching environment. Don't worry you don't have to leave your house, learn in your pajamas (just wear cute ones, because we'll see).
  • 6 week online coaching program runs from December 2nd - January 17th. 
  • ​Classes will be held at 1pm CT / 2pm ET on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Twice weekly coaching calls with Katerina Kavouklis and "office hours" with coaches
  •  Add on a team member or business partner for just an additional 50% of your program fee
  • ​Save $2,000 OFF the enrollment fee during the early bird release

Plus, You Will Get Over $5,000 in Bonuses!

  • BONUS #1:  Monthly Reporting Templates, never lose track of a stat or a dollar again.  These are templates are the holy grail for successfully managing your email list - Value $997
  • BONUS #1: My rock solid 17 part email nurture series - Value $997​
  • ​BONUS #2:   200 of the Best Subject Lines for Email cheat sheet. Laminated and sent to your doorstep -Value $97
  • BONUS #3: Emotional words and call-to-action cheat sheet. Laminated and sent to your doorstep + a surprise gift.  I use this every day  - Value $197
  • BONUS #4:  Bonus workshop with a million dollar ghost writer, her books, products, and programs have collectively earned over $20,000,000 for the last 10 years alone.  Bring all your content questions to this live 2 hour workshop, you'll get productivity tips for writing and how to repurpose content for email and beyond.  Never run out of ideas again, you'll receive a recording of this workshopValue $997
  • ​BONUS #5:  For the 4 weeks following the program I'll hold weekly open mic Q&A Calls so that no question you might have will be left unanswered - Value $1997

My Guarantee To You

The investment to be a part of the List Genius Program is nothing compared to the reward.  

Think about how much money you LOSE every week by not optimizing your email list even if it's tiny.

It's time to take action click the button below and book a call with me and let's see if we're the right fit for each other.  I want you to know this could transform your business...

...But only if you're willing to do the work.  I won't do the heavy lifting for you.  

I will guide you every step of the way, I will personally guarantee that Email List Genius will be the best email marketing program you'll ever attend or I'll refund you 100% of your program fee with my 12 month Success Guarantee.

How it works...Refund requests will be considered 12 months from enrollment.  Why?

The goal of Email List Genius is to create a long term high income business by leveraging the power of email marketing.  

After that it's no questions asked.  

You're in it to win it.  How's that for skin in the game?

Enrollment closes out on November 25th and spots are limited.  I'm picky and if you aren't the right fit - you won't be accepted.  So apply now and see if Email List Genius is right for you.

It's time to turn your email list into a reliable on-demand money making machine, if you are accepted in!  

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